Willie Cole

Willie Cole, The Sole Sitter, 2013

Willie Cole’s The Sole Sitter is a scaled-up version of a sculpture Cole assembled from an assortment of high heeled shoes. The shoe arrangement was digitally scanned, enlarged, and cast in bronze. The title of the sculpture is a play on words, using the word for the sole of a shoe while also referencing the word soul. The Sole Sitter is the first outdoor sculpture in the McNay’s Collection by an African American artist.


The Sole Sitter

Artist: Willie Cole, American (b. 1955)
Year: 2013

Produced by Alamo City Arts

Music: Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007: IV. Sarabande
composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
performed by Terri Landez

Choreography and Dancer: Michael Landez

Costuming: Michael Landez

Videography: Michael Landez

Video Editing: Michael Landez