Ways to Stay in Touch While Physical Distancing

Whether you’re looking for educational tools for yourself or the kids, new things to read or listen to, or just want the latest news, here’s how you can stay in touch with the McNay.

Stay Connected

1. Keep up with us on social media.

Stay home, but stay social! Social media is the fastest way for us to provide updates directly to our guests. We’ll continue to share news and content about art, architecture, nature, and more, while staying part of the social conversation.

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2. Sign up for our e-Newsletter, and get updates directly to your inbox.

We’ll send updates directly to you! Our weekly e-Newsletters offers up-to-date information and relevant resources to keep you informed, educated, and connected. You can choose your email preferences so we’re providing you with the content that is most relevant to you.

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3. Take a digital tour on YouTube.

Enjoy rich visual explorations of our exhibitions, past and present, peruse behind-the-scenes tid-bits, and find more surprises on our YouTube page.

4. Explore the permanent collection through our Collection Directory.

Did you know that you can explore the McNay's permanent collection, anytime, anywhere, by visiting our collection directory? Browse art by categories such as European Art, American Art, Modern and Contemporary Art, and Theatre Arts, plus save a shortlist of your favorites!

5. Read the McNay blog.

There are more to come!

Learning Opportunities

6. Create an art project at home with the kids.

Follow our Pinterest board and find some ideas for art projects you can do at home with the kids, inspired by the work of famous artists!

7. Watch video essays on Smarthistory.

is the most visited art history resource in the world. These videos are highly educational and provide interesting background information on the artists and time periods in which each work was created. Perfect for kids and adults alike!

8. Read stories about art on Google Arts and Culture.

Discover the inspirational moments, iconic people, and artistic wonders that are available at the tip of your fingers. Google Arts & Culture allows you to immerse yourself in culture with 360 views, zoom in to reveal the secrets of a masterpiece, take behind the scenes tours of palaces and museums, watch kids explain famous paintings to art experts, and so much more. Art changes the way we see the world and the way we see each other, so we invite you to come and expand your horizons with us.

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9. Use our education materials to teach STEAM and art at home.

Are you homeschooling, or a teacher looking for resources to engage with students online? Here are some wonderful online resources for you to use:

Fashion Nirvana Digital Resources

Browse up-cycled fashion lesson plans, digital library, curator discussions and more.

Digital STEAM Tour

Apply STEAM concepts in real world situations. Look for and describe evidence of artist experimentation, invention, and imagination. Science, Technology, and Art TEKS selected for grades 6–12, applicable to all audiences.

Hero or Villain Digital Tour

Nobody's perfect. Discover the stories behind legendary heroes and despicable villains. Art, Language Arts, and Social Studies selected TEKS for K–12, available to all audiences. Explore our online collection to conduct your own Hero or Villain tour!

10. Explore our #McNayFromHome activities.

Find fun connections to the collection and follow downloadable activity sheets to make unique art projects at home!