How to Access the McNay During Construction

What’s going on at the McNay?

Due to Phase I construction of our Landscape Master Plan, our North New Braunfels entrance is currently closed. To access the grounds, turn from North New Braunfels onto Cloverleaf Avenue, and follow the directional signs to Emporia Avenue (you can also insert 102 Emporia Ave into your GPS). Once you arrive at the gates, turn left at the first fork in the road and continue through the one-way street along the left side of the Jones building. The one-way street will lead you to the Museum entrance, where parking is available. The Austin Highway entrance can be accessed as usual, and will not be affected at this time.

What is the Landscape Master Plan?

The McNay Art Museum’s commitment to engaging a diverse community in the discovery and enjoyment of the visual arts is reaching new heights by undergoing a $6.25 million Landscape Master Plan. This transformative plan will activate and enhance the outdoor Museum experience with additional works of art, invisible fencing, new landscaping, and increased accessibility. Phase I is slated for completion in spring 2020.

The existing tall hedges along the edge of the property will be replaced with aesthetic fencing and native drought-resistant plantings, creating even easier access to the McNay’s original 1929 residence. The Museum will remain fully open throughout construction and will utilize intermittent entrance detours as needed.

Want to learn more?

Click HERE to read further details about the McNay Landscape Master Plan. 

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