Self-Guided / Audio Tours

Self-guided group tours are always welcome! For best service and speedy check-in, please contact the museum in advance of your visit. Call 210.805.1767 or e-mail to make a reservation for your self-guided group. Use your phone and tour 50 stops in the McNay’s collection. Call 210.547.9720 for English, 210.547.9724 for Spanish. Enter the stop number of your choice, followed by the # key.

The fee for groups of 10 or more is $15 per visitor during Special Exhibitions. Students on a self-guided tours are free. For self-guided student groups, a 1;5 adult to student ratio is recommended. Adults exceeding the 1:5 ratio are asked to pay adult group tour admission ($15).

Audio Tour Stops

G indicates Adult Stop 

F indicates Family Stop

01 G Ayres & Ayres, McNay residence
02 F Germany or The Netherlands, St. George of Cappodocia and the Dragon
03 G Jan Gossaert, Portrait of Anna de Bergh, Marquise de Verre
04 G New Mexico, San Miguel Arcángel
05 G Alfred Sisley ,The Road from Saint Germain to Marly
06 F Vincent van Gogh, Women Crossing the Fields
07 F Camille Pissarro, Haymakers Resting
08 G Paul Gauguin, Portrait of the Artist with the Idol
09 G Auguste Rodin, The Burghers of Calais
10 F Navajo, Yei Rug
11 F Hector Guimard,Writing Desk-Bookcase
12 G Paul Cézanne, Houses on the Hill
13 G Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Portrait of Hans Frisch
14 G Gabriele Münter, Still Life, Red 
15 G Pablo Picasso, Guitar and Wine Glass
16 G Marsden Hartley, Portrait Arrangement 
17 F Claude Monet, Water Lilies
18 G Amedeo Modigliani, Girl with Blue Eyes
19 G Max Weber, Conversation
20 F Alexandra Exter, Spanish Dancer Marionette
21 F Diego Rivera, Delfina Flores  
22 F Marc Chagall, Dream Village
23 G Edward Hopper, Corn Hill (Truro, Cape Cod)
24 G Aristide Maillol, La Nymphe
25 F Henri Matisse, The Red Blouse
26 G Arthur Dove, The Brothers
27 G Eugene Berman, Cassandra
28 G Ben Shahn, Sing Sorrow
29 G David Smith, Stainless Network I
30 F Georgia O’Keeff e, From the Plains I
31 G Jean Dubuffet, Faiseur de Graces (Bestower of Blessings)
32 G Pablo Picasso, Portrait of Sylvette
33 G Joan Mitchell, Hudson River Day Line
34 G Charles Sheeler, Barn Decoration
35 G Isamu Noguchi, The Mirror
36 F Richard Stankiewicz, Untitled
37 G Alberto Giacometti, Bust of Annette IV
38 F Alexander Calder, Four Winds
39 G Willem deKooning, Eddy Farm
40 G Robert Indiana, The Metamorphosis of Norma Jean Mortenson
41 G Larry Poons, Untitled
42 G Carl Rice Embrey, Shells
43 F John Chamberlain, Sabine Knights
44 G Robert Rauschenberg, Rush #5 from the Cloister Series
45 G Donald Judd, Untitled
46 F George Rickey, Horizontal Column of Five Squares Excentric
47 F Leonardo Drew, Untitled (Number 33A)
48 F Joel Shapiro, Untitled
49 F Chakaia Booker, Position Preferred
50 G Jean-Paul Viguier, Stieren Center for Exhibitions
411 Audio tour information


Do you offer tours in any languages other than English?

Arrangements can be made in advance to schedule tours in select languages. For more information, e-mail, or call 210.805.1767.

Are there drop-in tours?

Docents offer a 1-hour highlights tour every first Sunday and a special exhibition tour every third Sunday. 

Meet up on Second Thursdays for 30-minute tours at 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

Does the Museum offer audio tours?

The McNay's audio tour covers select works of art from the permanent collection. The audio tour can be accessed by calling 210.547.9720 for English, 210.547.9724 for Spanish. Pick up a list of all the tour stops at the front desk.