Ian Dawson
Henri and Henrietta, 2004


“There is something very physical about putting fire to a petrochemical substance and then seeing the chemical reaction. It was the weird science of seeing a molecular structure being altered before your eyes that really got me into melting.” – Ian Dawson

London-based contemporary artist Ian Dawson works with and transforms mass-produced objects. Dawson is a lecturer in sculpture at the University of Southampton in England. In addition to having shown his work worldwide, Dawson is also a published writer. He authored the book Making Contemporary Sculpture, which includes interviews with contemporary artists who discuss how their art gets made.

Henri and Henrietta are large pink and blue hippos made from repurposed plastic trash bins. Dawson is interested in transforming plastic objects because they are found everywhere. To transform these bins, the artist used a blow torch like a paint brush.

Henri and Henrietta joined the McNay collection in late 2019 as a gift from Jereann and Holland Chaney.

Ian Dawson, Henri and Henrietta, 2004. Polyethylene. Collection of the McNay Art Museum, Gift of Jereann and Holland Chaney, 2019.61. © Ian Dawson

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