#McNayFromHome Activities

#McNayFromHome Activities

These activities use common art supplies and household materials to make art related to works in the McNay’s collection. Share your creations @McNayArt #McNayFromHome or by emailing education@mcnayart.org.


Robert Indiana Cube 
Print out this template to create your own cube inspired by Robert Indiana’s iconic sculptures.

Supplies you will need:
Glue or tape

Klee Inspired Pillows 
Learn how to sew your own pillow with nature-inspired motifs!
This activity is appropriate for ages  6+.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Grab some materials out of your recycling bin and get to creating!

Bee Pile Activity
Take inspiration from Sonia Romero and create your own bee pile artwork for your desktop.

Nature Portraits 
Take a step outside, look around you, and curate materials to make your own nature portrait!

Geometric Forms: Aaron Curry Sculpture 
Take inspiration from Aaron Curry’s installation in the AT&T Lobby and create your own geometric sculpture.

Art with a View 
Create your own window with a view by experimenting with watercolors and ink.

The Art of Mixed Media 
Take inspiration from Radcliffe Bailey’s artwork and create your own narrative through a mixed media piece.

In his art, Radcliffe Bailey wrestles with themes of water (flooding, rivers, & slave trade), blues (color & music), and blood (family genealogy).

Paper Flowers 
Create a bouquet for someone special out of paper and household materials!

In her paintings, Jane Freilicher blends still-life with landscape. She often paints a flowers in front of a window with a meadow or cityscape beyond.

Sue Fuller Ice Sculptures 
Make your own ice sculptures inspired by Sue Fuller’s lucite sculptures.

Want to learn more about Sue Fuller? Visit mcnayart.org/spotlight

Glass Marbling 
Create your own French inspired glass artwork with everyday materials.

Asymmetry, whiplash lines, and nature imagery converge in the glass art of Émile Gallé and define the Art Nouveau movement (1890–1910). See more.

Natural Dye Painting 
Take inspiration from Amada Miller’s work in the 2020 CAM Perennial: Topographies of Truth and create your own tapestry of naturally dyed fabrics.

Cold Porcelain 
Create your own porcelain sculptures from household materials.

Artist Ann Agee embraces and questions domestic environments. Her blue and white platters contrast fanciful exteriors with ordinary interiors. 

Create a bookmark, mini rug, or wall hanging!

Shadow Sketching 
Capture an elusive shadow and bring it to life with drawing materials you have at home!

Although shadow puppets are aimed largely at children today, Shadow Puppet of and Artist Holding a Palette appeared originally in a Paris cabaret or nightclub.

Cloud Mobile
Take a step outside, look up at the sky, and then create your own cloud mobile.

Known for recording time, temperature, and wind direction on sketches, Eugène Boudin encouraged artist Claude Monet to paint outside or en plein air.

Selena Art and Writing
Are you como la flor? Let Selena’s lyrics inspire flower pressing and poetry.

Interested in Selena?
See the Digital Resources

Miniature Minimalist Furniture
Create Donald Judd-inspired furniture.

Interested in Minimalism?
Watch a video of What You See is What You See
Read more about Donald Judd

Styrofoam Printmaking
Make your own prints with materials from home.

Karl Schmidt-Rotluff’s angular style suits a woodcut printing technique where the artist chisels away material from the surface or matrix.

Joel Shapiro Activity
Make a gravity-defying sculpture inspired by Joel Shapiro.

Read more about Joel Shapiro

Hanko Stamp
Create your own Japanese-inspired signature stamp.

Known for delicate graphite grids, Agnes Martin expanded her minimalist approach with warmer colors and bolder stripes/lines later in her career.

Quick Fashion
Design a fashion statement with materials from home. Make it work!

Interested in Fashion Nirvana?
See the Digital Resources

Curve Stitch
Do you know how to create a curved line using ONLY straight lines?

Inspired by 2019-2020 Spotlight
Sue Fuller’s String Composition #W-253

Handmade Journals
Create your own journal with simple materials!

Army Captain Seth Eastman (1808–1875) visually documented a trip to Texas (1848–1849). She his sketch of Mission San Jose.

Please note that the McNay Art Museum will be closed today in recognition of Juneteenth.

We honor this important day in American history and look forward to welcoming you back tomorrow.