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The Museum has two locations for weddings on the grounds:

o The Gazebo & Fish Pond area is located in the shade in a natural area inspired by a Japanese garden complete with mature trees and large boulders.

o The Main Fountain is in the full sun, set in a circle of paved stones. An area to the right of the Main Fountain, a formal shaded brick walk way surrounded by hedges, may also be used.


The McNay Art Museum Grounds are open daily from 7 am to 7 pm during Daylight Savings. The McNay welcomes brides and couples for photography, and portraits can be taken any time the grounds are open with a $20.00 mandatory donation to the Museum. The mandatory donation is waived if you are being married on the grounds and have paid the $300 fee. Please, no photography in front of the Main Entrance when the Museum is open. Bridal Photography is permitted in the Main Collection Lobby or the Courtyard by appointment only for a fee of $100.


Payment of $300 and completing the ceremony on the grounds reservation form reserves the date, time, and location selected.  First come, first served. Cash, check, and credit/debit cards accepted. Payment may be mailed or delivered to the Event Rental Coordinator if an appointment has been made. Please note Saturday ceremonies are typically not booked after 2pm - depending on evening receptions.


  • Weddings are limited to 50 people and the specified space is reserved for one hour. Museum Security will place a sign at the planned site reserving the area for one hour to allow time for guests to gather and for photographs.
  • No chairs may be set up, except for those needing special accommodations. Anything brought to the site must be removed by the wedding party immediately after the ceremony. Rose petals are allowed to be thrown, but must be cleaned up afterwards.
  • All cars must be parked in regular parking spaces. The couple and any guests requiring special accommodations may be dropped off and picked up in the Circle Drive, but no cars may be parked or left running in the driveway.
  • Music is permitted. Guitars, violins, harps, flutes and other instruments are allowed. The Gazebo/Fish Pond area does not have an electrical outlet so those wishing to use a music player will want to select the Main Fountain.
  • Refunds will be made only due to bad weather. No other refunds will be provided. The rain plan is a small covered porch to the right of the Main Collection entrance.
  • The Museum does not have a dressing room and restrooms may not be used as dressing facilities. Changing clothes is not permitted on Museum grounds. The couple may arrive last and be dropped off in the Circle Drive, but again, no vehicles may remain there during the ceremony.

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