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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Wedding Rentals

1. What is the cost to have my reception at the McNay? On Saturday, $5,000 for either the Mansion Reception Package or the Contemporary Reception Package. The fee for both packages combined is $7,500 (Ultimate Reception Package). A 20% discount is offered on Fridays and Sundays.

2. What is included in the rental fee? Designated rental space including one-hour in specified galleries for your guests to enjoy, and parking.

3. What is not included in the fee? Catering, additional use of our Stieren Kitchen as needed by the caterer, table and chair rentals, liability insurance, and hiring of an off-duty police officer.

4. What is the capacity for seating in the area where dinner and dancing take place? The Leeper Auditorium can seat 250 guests with a dance floor and 300 without. The dimensions of the Leeper are 81’5” long and 43 feet wide, for a total square footage of 3,483 square feet. The hardwood floors in the Leeper serve as your dance floor.

5. If I want to have my ceremony on site as well, is there an additional fee and where would this take place? At the fountain, for an additional charge of $300. If you are having a reception inside the museum, you may seat up to 250 chairs in front of the fountain.

6. How much is a small ceremony on the grounds (with no reception inside)? $300, which reserves your choice of either the Main Fountain or the Gazebo for one hour, and is limited to 50 guests. Chair set-up is not allowed. The rain plan for this option is the covered porch to the right of the Main Collection Entrance.

7. Is the McNay available for rehearsal dinners? Yes. The Lang Gallery Dining Package option works well for Friday rehearsal dinners. Please see the Rental Brochure for more details.

8. How much is the deposit, and is it refundable? The deposit is half of the rental fee, i.e. $2,500. It is non-refundable. The remaining balance is due one month prior to the event.

9. What is the rain plan? Either inside the Leeper, or in the AT&T Lobby and Ewing-Halsell Reception Hall in the Stieren Center (see map.)

10. May I choose my own caterer? You may select from our list of outstanding approved caterers, sure to please every palate and price range. Every company on the list has met the McNay standards of quality, service, and appropriate licensing. The lighting technician and the off duty SAPD officer are also McNay approved, but the client is free to choose all other vendors.

11. May I bring in the band of my choice? Yes. Most bands play on the stage of the Leeper Auditorium, which measures 17’8” x 10’ and raises three feet out of the floor. There is a $150.00 AV fee (assessed to the client) for the band to use our electrical distribution panel.

12. Is there an outdoor area available? Yes, the Blackburn Patio/Courtyard area is included if you select the Mansion Reception Package for your rental (as opposed to the Contemporary Reception Package) The Courtyard is most often utilized for the cocktail hour, but remains open all evening for your guests to enjoy. Smoking is allowed in the Courtyard, as well as candles (which are not allowed inside the Museum.)

13. Do I need an appointment for a walkthrough, and how do I know which dates are available? Yes; please call 210.805.1782 or email to schedule a walkthrough appointment during the week, Tuesday- Friday; 10:00 am – 3:30 pm, and to check availability of the desired event date.

14. Are walkthroughs available on the weekends? Saturday availability is very limited and appointments are only held in the late afternoon when an evening reception is booked. Please call for availability. Self-walkthroughs are permitted with paid museum admission.

15. Can I place a date on hold? Yes; for thirty days at no fee, preferably after a walkthrough. This courtesy will extend the right of first refusal to you should another party express interest in your date.

16. Do I have to pay for my bridal portrait on the McNay grounds if I have reserved the Museum for my wedding reception? No. Simply call 210.805.1782 to let the McNay Staff know when you will be on-site, and you will not be charged the $20 photography fee.

17. Will a McNay staff member be on-site on my wedding day? Yes. Facilities and Security Staff will be on-site the entire event.

For further questions regarding the McNay rental program, please contact the Event Rental Coordinator at 210.805.1782 or

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