Circa 1900: An Art and Humanities Resource


Circa 1900 was a period of tumultuous and rapid change politically, economically, and socially. From the Industrial Revolution to World War I, this era witnessed the birth of the modern western world. Many of these changes are reflected directly and indirectly in the art produced during this time. Artists became more interested in depicting “real life” subject matter, from the excitement of city nightlife to the horrors of war, and their techniques changed as they sought to capture intangible elements like light and atmosphere, movement and emotion. 

Face Off: Exploring History with Portraits

Art Social Studies | Grade 6

Study how portraiture captures a moment in time.

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Identifying and Illustrating Landforms

Art Social Studies | Grade 6

Explore the relationships between geographic features and people with landscape paintings.

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H.S.I. - History Scene Investigation

Art Social Studies | Grade 6

Examine the political, social, and economic changes that resulted from the Industrial Revolution.

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Where Would You Rather Live?

Art Social Studies | Grade 6

Compare and contrast how artists represented urban and rural areas.

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Cultural Diffusion in Art ca. 1900

Art Social Studies | Grade 6

Explore how cultural immersion and cultural diffusion influences art.

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Move, Read, Talk, & Write

Art Social Studies | Grade 6

Discover what makes a hero and explore the different ways heroes are portrayed in art.

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Expressive Clay Busts

Art Social Studies | Grade 6

Examine the evolution of modern sculpture and create an artwork that expresses emotion.

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Circa 1900 Timeline



Women Crossing the Fields


Haymakers Resting


The Letter


The Loing River at Moret


Portrait of the Artist with the Idol


Pierre de Wissant


Beethoven: The Tragic Mask


Houses on a Hill


Portrait of Hans Frisch


Portrait of Madame H. M. Barzun


Girl with Blue Eyes


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