How may I support the McNay Art Museum Library?

The library gratefully accepts cash donations in honor of, or in memory of a friend, or family member. The funds are used to purchase books on the Library’s Wish List. A bookplate will be placed in the book designating the donor and the honoree. An acknowledgment will be mailed to the donor and the honoree or their family. If you wish to make a donation, please call Joanne Curry at 210-805-1755. Your generous gift in support of the library helps to preserve these vast volumes and records, and ensures that they remain available for scholarly research in the years to come.

Who may use the McNay Art Museum Library?

The library is open to Museum visitors by appointment only. Please see General Information for full details.

May I check out books?

Library materials do not circulate to the public.

Is the library’s catalog available online?

Yes. Access to the online catalog is available through a link on the library’s main page on the Museum’s website.

Do you have a photocopy machine?

Yes. Black and white 8 ½” x 11” copies are 10¢a sheet and color copies are 25¢a sheet.

Will I find information about all of the works of art in the McNay’s collection?

The library collection offers information on many of the McNay’s works of art; however, not every museum object is documented in the library.