Jon Isherwood

Jon Isherwood, Singer of Tales, 2007

Jon Isherwood’s Singer of Tales is comprised of two granite sculptures characterized by their bulbous shapes and intricate patterning. Isherwood uses materials traditionally associated with sculpture along with modern sculpting technologies to create works of art. To begin, Isherwood produces a plaster model which is then digitally scanned. Next, he uses a focused, high-powered laser beam to cut the stone, and lastly polishes the surface of the sculpture.

The organic lines of the sculptures reveal former mentor David Smith’s influence on Isherwood. Smith’s steel sculpture Stainless Network I is in the McNay’s collection.


Singer of Tales

Artist: Jon Isherwood, American, born England, (b. 1960)Year: 2007

Music: Water Music Suite No. 1 in F, HWV 348: 7. Bourréecomposed by George Frideric Handelperformed by The English Concert & Trevor Pinnock

Produced by Alamo City Arts

Choreography: Susan Trevino

Dancers: Elizabeth Gonzalez and Veronica Takach

Costuming: Susan Trevino

Videography: Matthew Ferguson and Cory McRae

Video Editing: Michael Landez