McNay Membership FAQ’s

Membership FAQ's

If you have questions about the policies listed below, please contact the McNay Membership Office at 210.805.1756 or at

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9am- 5pm


How do I join or renew my membership?

ONLINE - Purchase or renew your membership online

MAIL - Print this form and mail to:

McNay Art Museum 

6000 North New Braunfels Avenue

PO BOX 6069

San Antonio, TX 782009

CALL - 210.805.1756

VISIT - Sign up at the Visitor Services desk located in the AT&T Lobby

Can I automatically renew my my membership?

Yes! If you would like to automatically renew your membership each year check the Auto Renewal box online. Or call 210.805.1756 and provide your credit card information.

Can I apply the cost of admission towards a membership?

Yes! The cost of your admission can be applied towards a membership up to a week after your visit. Proof of purchase is required, redeem at Visitor Services.

Is my membership tax-deductible? 

Yes! The tax deduction depends on the level of membership. Individual through Sustaining level membership are 100% tax deductible. For information on higher levels, check out our Patron Program.

Is my membership refundable?

The McNay Art Museum cannot refund memberships. Specific questions about this policy can be addressed by calling 210.805.1756.

Can I give a membership as a gift?

Yes! You may purchase a gift membership online, through the mail, by calling 210.805.1756 or visiting our museum admissions desk.

Can I split the cost of a membership with another person?

Dual/Family or higher level members may choose to split the cost of membership between two cardholders. Membership cards and Impressions will be mailed to one address only, and memberships will not be fulfilled until full payment is received.

There are three adults in our family – which level of membership should we purchase?

Patron and above level membership allow for two adults plus two guests.

We do not offer any lower level membership levels that accommodate three adults. If you have a third adult in your household you may consider purchasing an Individual level membership for the third member.

I received Guest Passes with my membership renewal – how do these work?

The Member for a Day passes and FREE Guest Passes are for you to bring an additional guest in with you to the museum on your next visit. These passes cover general admission and special exhibitions only. They are not valid for members-only events. For further questions please call 210.805.1756.

I am a business owner, can I purchase a membership in my Business’s name?

Yes! We offer Business Partner and Corporate Memberships. For specific questions please call 210.805.1755.


What are the benefits of being a McNay Member?

Check out all the McNay Member benefits here!

What membership levels are available?

See all the membership levels here and choose the level that works best for you!

Does the museum offer student, senior, or military memberships?

The McNay Art Museum does not offer student, senior, or military memberships at this time. For a complete list of levels and benefits, click here!

How long does a membership last?

Memberships last for one full year. For example, if you buy a membership in January your membership will expire January 31st the following year.

Can I upgrade my membership to a higher level?

Yes! You can upgrade you membership to a higher level at any time by calling 210.805.1756 or visiting Visitor Services on your next visit.


Get closer to art that you are passionate about by joining a McNay Affiliate Group. McNay members at the Supporting level or above ($150+) have the opportunity to join McNay Affiliate Groups. For an additional fee of $250 you can experience amazing benefits, participate in expanding the McNay collection, and foster relationships with McNay curators and other art enthusiasts. McNay Affiliate Group fees go entirely towards the acquisition of art that you help choose.

What is the McNay Contemporary Collectors Forum (MCCF)?

The McNay Contemporary Collectors Forum (MCCF) supports contemporary art at the McNay and builds bridges between the museum and San Antonio's vibrant art community. MCCF members enjoy privileges including exclusive viewings of exhibitions and private collections, travel opportunities, participation in the acquisition of new contemporary art for the museum, and distinctive educational presentations with critics, curators, and art historians. MCCF is responsible for initiating the Artists Looking at Art series, which features four artists each year and displays their work in the museum for two months. MCCF also hosts Art to the Power of 10, an annual fund raising event held each fall, and directly supports the McNay’s art acquisition fund. Held at the McNay and featuring ten galleries, dealers, and artists, this is MCCF’s largest fundraising opportunity. The one-night art fair features creative food and cocktails in a festive atmosphere. For more information about MCCF click here. To join please call 210.805.1756 or see a Visitor Services Associate.

What is the McNay Print Club?

Dedicated to supporting the growth and expansion of the McNay’s renowned prints and drawings collection, the McNay Print Club engages its members to learn, experience, and explore print making and collecting. As lead sponsors of the annual McNay Print Fair, the McNay Print Club also provides fundraising support for museum acquisitions. Members enjoy unique educational and social events including hands-on workshops, curator-led exhibitions tours, artists’ talks, and visits to galleries and private collections. For more information about McNay Print Club click here. To join please call 210.805.1756 or see a Visitor Services Associate.

Can I split the Affiliate Group annual fee with another member?

Yes, you may split the Affiliate Group annual fee with another member. Members must both be Supporting level or higher members and the McNay will send mail to one address only. Payments must be received in full before benefits are received.


I am a member. Are my guests covered by my membership?

Dual/Family – Sustaining level members are issued two membership cards. One for the cardholder and one for the named person of their choosing, or simply “Guest of [cardholder name]”. “Guest of” cards may only be used when the member is present with the guest. Cards are not transferable. All guests outside of the membership benefits will be required to pay admission.

Patron and above level members receive two membership cards AND may bring additional guests based on their specific membership level. Find out more here.

Can family members or friends use my membership card?

Membership cards are not transferable. Guests must be accompanied by a member. For example, if you and your spouse are listed on your McNay Art Museum membership, you may bring your sister in your husband’s place. But you cannot give your card to you sister to come on her own. A photo ID may be required.

Do members need to pay admission for special tickets to featured exhibitions?

No – admission for special exhibitions is a benefit of your membership! Members are always free!

Can I use my membership on a Field Trip or Group Visit?

Yes! You may use you membership on a field trip or group visit. For more information on Field Trips and Group Visits please call 210.805.1768.

My McNay membership includes reciprocal programs. How can I visit museums included in my reciprocal programs?

When you arrive to your destination, present your active membership card with the museum with the appropriate reciprocal stickers at the Visitor Services desk. Because you are a member of the McNay, other museums are not able to verify your membership status. Your active membership card with the reciprocal stickers are necessary for admission. It is highly recommended that you call the museum you plan to visit ahead of time to verify their participation in reciprocal programs.

If a McNay member and are unsure whether you are enrolled in Mod/CoTRMROAM, or NARM, please contact us at 210.805.1756 or

If you are a member of another museum that provides reciprocal benefits to the McNay, you must present an active membership card from your issuing museum with the appropriate reciprocal stickers. We are unable to verify your membership status and your reciprocal stickers are necessary for admission. Reciprocal members receive free admission to the McNay and ticketed exhibitions, plus 10% off at our Museum Store. If you are not a McNay member and are unsure whether you are enrolled in Mod/Co, TRM, ROAM, or NARM, please contact your issuing museum.

How can I register for lectures and family programs?

To register for lectures and family programs, please contact the education department at 210.805.1768. For a list of activities check out the McNay Calendar of Events!


Can I bring guests to Member-Only Events?

Individual level members may not bring guests. Dual/Family and above memberships admit two adults.

What are McNay Member Previews?

McNay Member Preview receptions are exclusive opportunities to view our featured exhibitions before they open to the public. Enjoy hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and conversations with curators. McNay Members Previews are $25 per person.

I didn’t make it to the McNay Members Preview is my admission refundable?

Pre-paid admission is non-refundable. If you are unsure whether or not you can attend the McNay Member Preview you may purchase tickets at the door at no additional cost. For special circumstances, please call 210.805.1756.

What are Members-only First Look and Last Look?

We invite members to join us for an afternoon First Look and Last Look of each featured exhibition. There will be pop-up presentations and light refreshments. No reservations are necessary, but your membership card is required for admission.

How do I find out about these events?

We mail you invitations and send email reminders for all of our member events. To see what’s coming up check out our Membership page, or the Calendar of Events in your Impressions members’ magazine.


What should I do if I lose my membership card?

If you lose your card, contact the McNay Membership Office at 210.805.1756 for a replacement. We reserve the right to limit the number of times member cards will be replaced per year.

When will I receive my membership cards?

Whether you are new or renewing, you will receive your cards in the mail within 7-10 business days from the date of purchase – including gift memberships.

I haven’t received my membership cards yet,  what should I do?

If you do not receive your membership cards in the mail within 7-10 business days from the date of purchase, please call 210.805.1756 or email us at

Can I visit the museum even if I don’t have my membership card?

Yes! If you have not received your card yet or lost your card, present your photo ID at Visitor Services to verify your membership.

We are always happy to look up your membership, but having your card with you makes checking in faster and checking out at the Museum Store easier!

Where can I find my membership ID number?

Your membership ID number is located on the front of your membership card.

Can I designate a secondary membership cardholder?

Yes! If you are a Dual/Family or above level member and would like a specific name on your secondary membership card, please call the McNay Membership Office at 210.805.1756 or email us at

I don’t want to designate a second cardholder, what should I do?

If you don’t want to designate a second cardholder, just sign up with your name only and you will receive a “Guest of [Cardholder Name]” card.

I already renewed my membership, why am I still getting renewal notices?

Due to processing time, your payment and renewal notice may have crossed paths in the mail. To confirm that we have received you membership payment, please call us at 210.805.1756 or email us at


How can I donate to the museum?

All Annual Fund donations are 100% tax deductible.

Annual Fund donations are not membership dues and will not renew your McNay Membership.

If you would like to make a donation to the McNay Art Museums Annual Fund you can do so in various ways:

ONLINE – visit our Annual Fund Page

CALL- 210.805.1756

VISIT – Speak with a museum staff member at Visitor Services.

Can I make a contribution in honor or memory of someone?

Contributions can be made “In honor of” or “In memory of” to the annual fund. For inquires concerning Honorarium and Memorial gifts please contact the Development Office at 210.805.1756 or email at

Can I help sponsor a featured exhibition?

Yes! Special exhibitions are co-sponsored by a group of donors known as the Host Committee. By making a contribution of $250 or more, donors have the opportunity to support an exhibition. In recognition of this support, the names of the donors are prominently displayed in the exhibition while it is on view at the McNay.

For questions or information on other sponsorship opportunities, please contact or call 210.805.1794.

Can I help sponsor or make a contribution towards an educational program?

Yes! You can make a donation to our McNay Art Museum Annual Fund for Museum EducationFund-A-Bus Program, the McNay Art Museum Library, and The William J. Chiego Vision Fund. For more details and a complete listing of ways to give to education, check out our Annual Fund page!