Fund-a-Bus Program

Fund-a-Bus Program

Field trips are a memorable part of childhood, and we need your help to share the McNay with youth in our community. The McNay is proud to partner with every school district in Bexar County in addition to many more throughout South Texas. In fact, students from 270 schools visited the McNay on tours last year.

Contribute to the Fund-a-Bus program this year by funding one or more buses at $250 each. With your help, the McNay will reach its $60,000 goal for the program and continue this important service

next school year.

Please contact McNay Development Office at 210.805.1772 or for more details.

Fund-a-Bus donations are fully tax-deductible since no substantial benefits have been promised or provided to you in exchange for your gift. The McNay Art Museum is a a nonprofit organization under IRS section 501(c)(3).

Honorarium and Memorial Gifts

Honorarium Gifts

Gifts in honor provide a meaningful, living tribute to a friend, relative, or colleague by commemorating a special occasion. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events with an in honor gift to the museum in tribute to that special person. Your contribution will be acknowledged with a personalized card sent to the honored individual or their family. In addition, the name of the individual being honored along with your name will be listed in the McNay’s magazine, Impressions. All gift amounts are confidential unless otherwise requested.

Memorial Gifts

You can also remember a special person or express your sympathy with a memorial gift to the museum. A memorial is a personal remembrance that honors a deceased friend, relative, or colleague. Your contribution will be acknowledged with a personalized card sent to the honoree’s family. In addition, the name of the individual being honored along with your name will be listed in the McNay’s magazine, Impressions. All gift amounts are confidential unless otherwise requested. 

For inquiries concerning Honorarium and Memorial gifts, please call the Development Office at 
210.805.1755 or e-mail

Honorarium and Memorial gifts are fully tax-deductible since no substantial benefits have been promised or provided to you in exchange for your gift. The McNay Art Museum is a a nonprofit organization under IRS section 501(c)(3).

Exhibition Sponsorship

Sponsor an Exhibition

Each year, selected special exhibitions and their related programs are sponsored by individuals, corporations, and foundations. In appreciation of exhibition sponsorships, the names of the donors are listed on a panel that is displayed in the exhibition while it is on view at the McNay.

For questions or information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact or call 210.805.1794. 

Annual Fund

Transforming the Community with your Support

Give now! 

The Annual Fund supports one of the key goals of our museum—to create

engaging educational opportunities for San Antonio and Texas children and adults. School field trips,

public programs and exhibitions, teacher training, development of interactive websites and state

approved curriculum materials are made possible through your annual support. The McNay Art Museum

offers hundreds of free programs throughout the year to more than 135,000 visitors of all ages. Some of

the highlights include:

  • Free admission for student field trips to the museum, including free bus transportation
  • Educator Workshops
  • Free Family Days and Family Activities
  • Exhibition performances, discussions, and lectures
  • Adult Workshops
  • Free admission to exhibition related films and lectures
  • Teacher training and materials

The McNay supplies a wealth of resources online for times when San Antonians aren’t able to visit the

museum. Virtual collections and online videos provide access to the collection and other resources in

ways that are convenient from home, the classroom, or office.

Your contribution ensures that the McNay provides educational enjoyment for you and our

community in 2017 and beyond.

According to studies, children exposed to strong arts and history education programs perform higher on

standardized tests, are less likely to engage in negative behaviors and truancy, and are more likely to

think critically and act creatively. Educators from the San Antonio area have the following to say about

student visits to the museum:

“We were so impressed with the welcoming and stimulating-to-our-hearts-and-souls tour. Thank you so much.”
—Olmos Elementary             

“Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I’m sure will apply the critical thinking skills in other

areas. Thanks so much for making this trip available to all students.”

—Leon Springs Elementary            

“Our students had a WONDERFUL time and I was impressed with the docents as well as how organized

everything was. Kudos to you guys for allowing students this amazing opportunity! Only 2 of the 63

students had ever been to the McNay or any other museum.”
—Lieck Elementary

It is important to recognize how vital our education programs are to Bexar County, where high dropout

rates and poverty persist. Between 2005–06 and 2008–09, 39% of high school students were lost to

attrition. In 2011 nearly 25% of the population under the age of 18 was living in poverty. Your support

is much appreciated. Please help to continue our essential programs by making a gift to the McNay Art

Museum’s Annual Fund for Museum Education. Contributions are 100% tax deductible.

Your gift of any amount makes a difference! 

Annual Fund donations are fully tax-deductible since no substantial benefits have been promised or provided to you in exchange for your gift. The McNay Art Museum is a nonprofit organization under IRS section 501(c)(3).

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The McNay relies on the generosity of individuals like you to support the museum’s diverse programming and exhibitions, as well as to continue strengthening our community through art.
Your support is appreciated so much. Thank you!

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