Stephen Westfall: The Holy Forest

August 6, 2015 to July 31, 2016

The fourth installation presented in the annual AT&T Lobby series, Stephen Westfall’s The Holy Forest is painted entirely by McNay staff according to the artist’s instructions. Westfall is a painter, writer, and educator based in New York, who prepared a set of guidelines based on one of his abstract paintings to be replicated at the McNay. The Holy Forest refers to a book of poetry by Robin Blaser, whose work Westfall admires. The diamond pattern that appears in the design echoes the similar motif found in Saltillo design and in Latin American textiles and ceramics. Other Westfall wall paintings include Canterbury (2014) at the Omi International Arts Center in Ghent, New York; Ariel (2011) at Lennon, Weinberg, Inc. gallery in New York; and selections from his 2010 Rome Prize exhibition, Pavimentazione sul Muro, at the American Academy in Rome.