Cumulative Giving

Cumulative Giving

Your contributions help us care for the art in our Collection and support our dedicated staff to continue to engage a diverse community in the discovery and enjoyment of the visual arts.

Cumulative Gifts, July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

$1,000,000 and Above

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

The Geraldine G. Lawson Charitable Trust

$500,000 and Above


Anonymous: In Honor of Madeline O’Connor

$100,000 and Above

The Tobin Endowment

The Brown Foundation, Inc.

Bank of America

John L. Santikos Charitable Foundation Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation

Stella Cook Herff Charitable Trust

Semmes Foundation, Inc.

$50,000 and Above

The Tobin Theatre Arts Fund

Elizabeth Huth Coates Charitable Foundation of 1992

HEB Grocery Company

Douglass Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John Feik

$25,000 and Above

Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. and Helen C. Kleberg Foundation

Mr. Chris Cheever

Howard and Betty Halff Fund

Mrs. Marie Halff

Dickson-Allen Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Richter

The Forrest E. and Cynthia D. Miller Charitable Fund

$10,000 and Above

Mr. Thomas F. Hogan III

Mr. Charles C. Butt

Marcia and Otto Koehler Foundation

Valero Energy Foundation

Amy E. Stieren

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

The George Weldon Sheffield Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Allan G. Paterson Jr.

The Smothers Foundation

Victor and Peggy Creighton Charitable Trust

Texas Commission on the Arts

Sally and Charlie Cheever Foundation

Drs. Sergio and Alice Viroslav

Methodist Hospital Metropolitan

Amy Shelton McNutt Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cheever Jr.

Ms. Wendy S. Wirth

Anne and Chuck Parrish Charitable Fund

The Jesse H. and Susan Oppenheimer Foundation

Kerr Family Charitable Foundation

Jack H. and William M. Light Charitable Trust

Anthony Meier Fine Arts

The Sarah E. Harte and John S. Gutzler Fund

Broadway Bank

Luther King Capital Management

Lucifer Lighting Company

The Gambrinus Company

F B Doane Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Parrish

$5,000 and Above

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Travis

Schroeder Ventures LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Englehardt

Mr. Rick Liberto

Mr. Thomas Bassler

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hurd

Drs. Ricardo and Harriett Romo

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Moorman IV

Rhodes Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Carrington


Mrs. Lewis J. Moorman III

Mr. Pat Frost and Dr. Kelley Frost

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Richter

Mrs. Barbara C. Spigel

Mr. and Mrs. Don Frost

Mr. and Mrs. Clay P. Richmond

Dr. Uwe Pontius and Mrs. Candace K. Andrews

Mr. Todd A. Romano

Mr. and Mrs. Tobin R. Calvert

Capital Group

Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Jones

Alamo Colleges

Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Downing

Trinity University

Mr. and Mrs. H. Glenn Huddleston

The Eugenia and Lawrence A. Bertetti Foundation

Wayne F. Yakes MD

Mrs. Julianna Hawn Holt

L.D. Ormsby Charitable Foundation, Inc.

McCombs Foundation

Texas A&M University – San Antonio

University of the Incarnate Word

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dicke II

McCrea Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Watson III

Rugeley Ferguson Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Korbell

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Atwell II

The Harris K. & Lois G. Oppenheimer Foundation

Faye L. & William L Cowden Charitable Foundation

Hixon Properties, Inc.

Our Lady of the Lake University

John Newman Family Charitable Fund

Mrs. Deborah Wilson

Dr. and Mrs. Harmon Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Humphreys

The Ewing Halsell Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Gilliam

$2,500 and Above

Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. Westheimer Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Cavender

Mr. and Mrs. J. David Oppenheimer

Alison and Taylor Boone

Dr. Johnny Clay Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Korbell

Mr. Robin Teague and Ms. Sher L. Brooks

Dr. and Mrs. Gary W. Raba

Ms. Jo Anne Yau

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Carrington

Mr. Robert Brown and Mr. Dennis Karbach

Mr. J Travis Capps Jr

Dr. and Mrs. Jon Maust

Dr. James F. Nelson

Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Chandana Ravikumar

Drs. Joana and Ravi Ganeshappa

Robert S. McClane and Sue N. McClane Fund

Margaret Anderson and Bill Crow

Texas Youth Development Corporation

Mr. Epitacio R. Resendez and Mr. Hunter H. Resendez

Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Hamilton

William and Salomé McAllen Scanlan Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Balthrope

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Q. Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Curt Anastasio

Trudy and Ed Moore Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. Westheimer Jr.

Ms. Kathleen McGrail

Mr. and Mrs. Todd F. Wulfe

Catto and Catto LLP

J M. Francis

Jordana and Ben Mathews

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Smith

Creative Fundraising Advisors

The Ruth and Roy Schapira Family Fund

Karen J. Hixon

Amy S. Frautschi

Mr. James S. Calvert

Mr. Rob Barnett and Ms. Lisa A. Roberts

Rose Marie and John L. Hendry III Charitable Trust

Audi Dominion

Berman Family Fund

Mr. Tony Trevino

$1,000 and Above

Ms. Ethel T. Runion

Jhony Lopez

Rose Rodriguez

John Seidenfeld and Mary Barad Giving Account

Benson Family Fund

Mr. Guillermo C. Nicolas and Mr. Jim Foster

Dr. Melinda McFarland

Marina V. Castanon

Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Koehl

Silver Eagle Beverages

Dr. Karen A. Waldron

Peter J. Hennessey III

Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Bonney

Mrs. Judy Morton

The Flohr Family Foundation

The Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Calvert

Ms. Meredith K. Morrill

Ms. Barbara C. Kyse

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Anderson

Dr. Richard Aste and Mr. Max Goodman

Dr. and Mrs. Jay H. Heizer

Susan Toomey Frost and Craig Bunch

Dr. and Mrs. Joel Dunlap

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Goudge

Mrs. Ferol E. Senter

Mrs. Roxana C. Hayne

Ms. Margaret C. Boldrick

Ms. Judé Clarke Mueller

Dr. and Mrs. Roy R. Gonzalez Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Brown Jr.

National Charter Bus

Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Mills

Mr. and Ms. Paul Hamborg

Dr. Elly Xenakis

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bodine

Mr. and Mrs. Elizabeth D. Golden

Mr. Edward E. Collins and Ms. Penelope Speier

Mr. Tim Seeliger and Mr. Bradley J. Parman

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Blank

Mrs. Gene Calgaard

North American Development Bank

The Arch and Stella Rowan Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. William Henrich

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart D. Moiles

Mrs. Jane Cheever Powell

Mr. Donald E. Kurtti

Bolner’s Fiesta Products, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Warman

Karen M. Vaughan

Mrs. Barbara Wulfe

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Amy Rhodes

Leslie and Gerardo De Los Santos

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I. O’Connor III

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Hurd

Dr. Raul J. Yordan-Jovet and Ms. Norma C. Bodevin

Mr. Paul Martin

Mr. Alan C. Beckstead

Caitlin Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Flohr

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Selig

Mrs. Betsy Dell

Ms. Katherine Sutcliffe

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Seiler

John and Sue Jockusch Charitable Fund

Ford Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Danny M. Deffenbaugh

Jon and Beverly Purdy

Mr. Jonathan Clarke

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. McManus

Mrs. Mary Jane J. Ely


Mrs. Ann C. Vineyard

Dr. and Mrs. Bill J. Shea Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Cook Jr.

Ms. Yvonne Broussard

Mrs. Carol Foster

Keller Henderson

Dr. Patrick Williamson

Mr. and Mrs. Don Frost

Dr. George W. Beddingfield and Mr. Roxie Montesano

King Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Myers

Joseph & Martye Rubin Foundation

Sonali and Amit Mehta

Mr. Jeffrey H. Berler and Ms. Marie Langmore

Ancira Enterprises, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace J. Cox

Mr. Gary Cram

Mr. Christopher C. Hill and Mr. Lachlan Miles

Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Vexler

Lucky 13 Revocable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Krause

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bolner

Ms. Linda C. Nairn

Elizabeth and Robert Lende

Dr. and Mrs. James A. McMullan

The Annie and Tim Swan Fund

Carroll Lamar Goldstone Charitable Gift Fund

John E. Dempsey Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Babb

Mr. and Mrs. George Stieren

Ford, Powell & Carson, Architects and Planners, Inc.

Heritage Auctions

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Chiego

AstraZeneca – Matching Gift

Mr. and Mrs. James M. McNeel

Mrs. Vicki L. McLaughlin

Drs. Blanca and Rodolfo Molina

Hannah Foundation

Mr. Michael L. Kreager

Judy Renick

Ms. Christy Williams Coombs

Mr. William Scanlan Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Molak

Anne Zanikos Art Conservation

Mr. Howard Moreno

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baucum

Harry Halff Fine Art, Inc.

Dr. Bradley B. Kayser and Dr. Gemma T. Kennedy

Mark and AnaPaula Watson

Mrs. Alexandria Tepper

Lifshutz Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shivers

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B.C. Fitzsimons

Mr. and Mrs. David Zachry

Robert L. Wright

Mrs. Ann K. Barshop

Douglas Endsley and Margaret Mitchell

Dr. Lisa Masters and Mr. Brad Woods

The Allison and Jaimie Hayne Family Fund

The Marge and Al Miller Family Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Berkus

Employee Benefits Business Partners

Catto and Catto LLP

City of San Antonio