Which pop star do you identify with?

Richard Duardo was often called the “West Coast Warhol,” having had a strong presence in the LA art scene for decades. His prints are visually big, bold and colorful, as are the subjects, who range from Bob Dylan to Miley Cyrus.

Which pop star from Richard Duardo: Maestro of Pop do you most identify with?

Bob Dylan – Went through a rebellious streak as a teenager that led to a contemplative adult life. A folkie and heart with a keen sense of American culture. Wears Wayfarers because they are NEVER going out of style. Besties with Pete Seeger, Roy Orbison and George Harrison.

Lydia Mendoza – A strong, independent person who breaks barriers. Classic in style with a heart of gold. Is an inspiration to many with a voice that speaks to several generations. Always moving forward and makes the most out of life by connecting with other people.

Miley Cyrus – On the one hand is a softy for pop music and Disney-like things, but on the other hand loves to party and is tickled that the word “twerk” is now in the Oxford English Dictionary. Wears outfits that are unique and eye-catching. Takes YOLO to the next level.

Elvis Presley – Always very thankful and has an affinity for blue suede. Loves his mom and can rock a white, rhinestone pant suits like no other. Could live off of peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

Marilyn Monroe – Is always the life of the party, especially birthday parties for presidents, but also has a shy side. Would rather go by an alias than a given name (too boring). Knows how to get what they want even when they’re not trying. Has a great set of eyelashes but could always use more.

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