Mi McNay es Su McNay: Jeremiah Teutsch

In our Summer Q&A series, we profile members of the McNay staff to show a behind-the-scenes look at all the people who make the McNay what it is! Today’s post features Jeremiah Teutsch, our Matting and Framing Technician.

What is your role at the McNay? Walk us through a typical work day in your shoes.
I am the Matting and Framing Technician here at the McNay. I cut all of the mats for works on paper, which involves careful measuring, cutting, binding, and assembling. It also involves mounting the artwork in the least intrusive way possible, in a way that’s suitable for long-term storage and enjoyment, and in a way that’s easy to remove, if need be. I also make picture frames, and install custom glazing (glass) to protect our oil paintings from being poked or prodded, and provide upkeep on our older picture frames, to keep them looking snazzy-fresh.

What do you like to do outside of work? What are your favorite things to do and places to go in San Antonio?
Outside of work, I wear many hats. I’m an illustrator, musician, writer, sculptor, painter, inventor, and lazy polymath. As to what I like to do: I enjoy cooking, learning about new things, and avoiding the sun. I enjoy bugging people on Instagram, and hanging out with my neighbor/friends in our mattress-factory-turned-commune in Southtown. I also really enjoy going to the other museums and galleries in town. I like bits of the Riverwalk. I love old dive-bars. I enjoy some of the newer things happening at the Pearl – to wit, the new Food Hall looks like it’s going to be a place I want to hang out when it gets finished. I like the Federal Courthouse building.

What has been your favorite exhibition at the McNay so far? Tell us why.
Jeremiah Teutsch’s Artist Looking at Art was pretty high on my list, but I’m biased.

The George Nelson show is one of my top four. I liked that show because he was quirky, inventive, and it was all of his different disciplines on display. I’m a sucker for good design. Other favorite things: Richard Anuszkiewicz’s greeting card show. Albrecht Bouts’ restored altarpiece panels exhibit. Rouault’s Miserere show. And, how could I forget the hyper-detailed cardboard studio of Tom Burkhardt!?

What is one thing about the McNay you wish everyone knew?
I really get a kick out of two of our Don Quixote tiles, both depict a man vomiting violently. I also want more people to go to our library. There’re a lot of good things down there.