Mi McNay es Su McNay: Timothy Retzloff

In a new Q&A series, we profile members of the McNay staff to show a behind-the-scenes look at all the people who make the McNay what it is! This week: Timothy Retzloff from the Tobin Theatre Arts department.


What is your role at the McNay? Walk us through a typical work day in your shoes.

I’m Timothy Retzloff and I am the Tobin Theatre Arts Fund Curatorial Assistant. The most amazing thing about my job is that there are no “ordinary days” at the office. One day I can be researching various operas for an upcoming exhibition to the next day handling a rare book from the 1500s that predates the Declaration of Independence! It’s quite an extraordinary career, which is why I love it with such passion and vigor! How could you not?

What do you like to do outside of work? What are your favorite things to do and places to go in San Antonio?

I love spending time with my family and my boyfriend. As a native San Antonian, I love to explore and try different places across this great city. From Southtown to the new and up-and-coming Pearl to the Mission Reach portion of the Riverwalk. San Antonio is truly an amazing and diverse community where everyone feels welcome! 

What has been your favorite exhibition at the McNay so far? Tell us why.

This answer I admit, is partially, if not completely, biased. I absolutely loved the Art History Goes to the Theatre exhibition. My fondness for this particular exhibition comes from the fact that it was entirely interactive. While the public could not touch the artwork, they could touch a mural size map of the world to see where specific artwork came from that influenced theatre designers. Other aspects included a recreated hanging salon from the 1800s to a 1950’s art history classroom where you would experience what it was like to view artwork on a slide projector. Finally, a sensory room that, once entered, would demonstrate the power of television and computers and how much we are bombarded by technology as a culture.

What is one thing about the McNay you wish everyone knew? It can be a fun fact, a piece of history, a work of art in our permanent collection, or anything else!

The one thing I wish people would know is how extensive the Theatre Arts Collection is. The Tobin Theatre Collection at the McNay has about 14,000 objects from the 1500s to present day.