Food for Thought: A Delicious Hour with Pinks Popcorn

All summer, the McNay is hosting events that highlight some of the surrounding culture of our current exhibition Coney Island: Visions of an American Dreamland with different activities, sideshows, art making and food. The latest of these events was Food for Thought, which focused on a long-time popular food: popcorn!

Food was a huge part of the attraction of Coney Island, with a wide selection of fair foods like hot dogs, seafood, cotton candy, fries, pizza, ice cream, and (of course) popcorn. Popcorn has long been a popular snack but has a new twist to it, thanks to Pinks Popcorn and their gourmet creations. The McNay invited Lisa Morales, one of the founders of Pinks Popcorn, in to share her tasty creations as part of our Food for Thought series.

Morales said the name “Pinks Popcorn” was inspired the strong, sassy women of the “Pink Ladies” from Grease, when she and her daughters were trying to bring their popcorn vision to life. Pinks has around 30-40 different flavors on the shelf, but can come up with hundreds of different flavors! Some that were brought to be sampled were cheddar, loaded baked potato, buffalo breath, Chicago (cheddar and caramel), amaretto, birthday cake (white chocolate, marshmallow cream, and sprinkles), red velvet, cotton candy, green apple, and sweet lemonade. On the Pinks Popcorn website, there is a full list of all the available delicious flavors, and you can even order right there! With so many different sizes and flavors, the possibilities are endless.

The store, located at 19141 Stone Oak Parkway in San Antonio, had its grand opening on May 1st.

Morales brought a new look to the traditional popcorn Coney Island life, and every bite was delicious.