Families experience Stephen Westfall’s Holy Forest

Families gathered at the McNay to view the newest lobby painting by artist Stephen Westfall and make collaborative artwork using a very similar.

Docent Carolyn Tolar begins her tour with the group by talking about this painting. After a 25 minute tour exploring patterns and shapes at the McNay and in the collection, families worked with artist David Anthony Garcia to paint large murals and create their own smaller paintings to take home. Here is how we went from start to finish:

Garcia gessoed the board and pre-painted a gold design, which was then blocked off with painters tape.

Families voted that we should paint the largest area of negative space blue and then everyone painted in the other shapes with colors of their choosing.

It was really fun to paint as a group! We ended up making 5 big murals! Here they are finished:

Other moments were too cute not to share:

Bunny, age 9, painted a pink and green design!

Chelsey, 10, and Kaitlin, 7, work together on a smaller piece.

Parker, 3, and her mom made mini masterpieces.

Join us on October 25th from 1:00-4:00 pm for the Free Family Day in celebration of Miro!