Explore the Store!

Do you know about our gift store at the McNay?

All year around, the McNay gift store has awesome finds for all ages. Many of the items often coincide with current exhibitions and cater to more than just art lovers. In addition to no lines and the incredible staff, the store shelves are filled with unique gifts for everyone!

Our store manager, Janet Goddard, gave us some more insight into what the McNay store is all about! The store is not just there to sell art-related gifts, but also to support the museum’s mission for educational outreach. “We want to continue the experience that the visitor has of the museum by taking home a memento of something that they saw here or perhaps a book on an artist that piqued their interest,” said Goddard. “So everything here should reflect things here at the McNay or areas that we do collecting.”

Goddard says she chooses the items for the store very carefully. “I take my time,” she said. In addition to sales reps, she goes to markets, other museum stores and looks through catalogues to find anything from books to toys to fashion apparel to media. “So I like to do a nice mix of things,” she said. “We try to have things that are affordable for the everyday customer, something for the kids, as well as high-end items that appeal to a certain public.”

Some of her favorite items in the store is jewelry from an Israeli artist she has been following. “I just find really intriguing designs,” she said. Also featured often, are items with the peacock design to match the beautiful iron peacock gates within the museum.

Goddard said that the retailing they do is very fun because the store is not stuck to traditional holidays, and the different traveling exhibitions always bring a fresh, new theme.

Currently, the store has a ton of items on sale that are Coney Island-themed to complement our current exhibition Coney Island: Visions of an American Dreamland. So don’t forget to stop there on your way in or out of the museum! It is not required to pay entrance to the museum in order to go to the store.

The store has a page on the McNay’s website showcasing a few of the items and their prices in the store. Check it out here: http://www.mcnayart.org/store/