Artist Talk: Lance Letscher

It’s always been really important to me to be an artist. Once I realized that I could be an artist then that was the main goal in my life. I couldn’t imagine anything better than that. – Lance Letscher  Austin based artist, Lance Letscher, constructs dynamic dizzying designs that draw the viewer into infinite narratives. … Continued

Distinguished Lecture Conversation: Deborah Roberts & Connie Choi

When you look at my work, you have to look at every part of the face and make something out of those fragments. –Deborah Roberts Blending techniques of collage and painting, artist Deborah Roberts centers Black youth in power and vulnerability, heroism, and insecurity. Roberts digs deep into histories of art, history, and popular culture … Continued

Conversation: Blurring Borders

Artist Margarita Cabrera examines themes of sacrifice, migration, community connection, and storytelling in her artwork. Four bodies of work converge in the current immersive exhibition Margarita Cabrera: Blurring Borders on view through January 22, 2023. Join for a conversation with Margarita Cabrera and Norma Martinez, announcer with Texas Public Radio. Margarita Cabrera was born in … Continued

Artists Looking at Art: Michael Patterson

Powerful women warriors dominate the urban environments of Michael Patterson Jr.’s portraits at the McNay. Standing as guardians of memories, Patterson’s female figures resemble superheroes with their powerful body language and swords.  René Paul Barilleaux, Head of Curatorial Affairs, talks with Michael Patterson about his artwork, themes, and references. Michael Patterson Jr. is featured in … Continued

Conversation: Minding the Gap: Art and Ecology Collide

An artist and an ecologist walk into a Museum. Witness the collision as artist Donald Moffett converses with scientist and bird expert Jennifer Smith, PhD. Moffett and Smith nurture common ground between visual art and environmental science, sharing perspectives about overlapping topics of birds, South Texas, and migration.  Registration is required for this free program.  

Gallery Talk: Drawn in San Antonio—Today

Drawn In San Antonio—Today features an array of diverse artworks on paper by 22 artists living and working in San Antonio. Join in on the conversation with Curator of Prints and Drawings, Curator of Modern Art, Lyle W. Williams, and Douglass Foundation Intern in Curatorial Studies Rafael Gutierrez as they engage with this group of … Continued

Distinguished Lecture Conversation: Willie Cole and Jenny Browne 

I believed that everything I wanted was already in the world and that it was my job to be aware enough to see opportunity when it’s headed my way. —Willie Cole Ironing boards, hair dryers, plastic bottles, and shoes play starring roles in the sculpture of Willie Cole. In his bronze sculpture The Sole Sitter at the McNay, high heels bend and blend to form … Continued

Artists Looking at Art: Lyle Williams

Lyle W. Williams is Curator of Prints and Drawings, Curator of Modern Art at the McNay and he paints. He describes his paintings of everyday objects, such as a brightly-colored sneaker or an unraveling bowtie, as symbolic portraits. Hear more from Lyle and René Paul Barilleaux, Head of Curatorial Affairs, in this virtual conversation. The … Continued

Virtual Conversation with Martine Gutierrez: Indigenous Woman

Artist Martine Gutierrez creates confident and charismatic characters in her high fashion photographs and videos. Playing the lead role both in front of and behind the camera, Gutierrez investigates race, culture, identity, gender, and appearance. Join Martine Gutierrez for a virtual conversation with McNay curators René Paul Barilleaux, Head of Curatorial Affairs, and Lauren Thompson, … Continued

Virtual Conversation: Texas Talks Art

Beginning in January of 2021, Texas Talks Art features 50 artist speaking with 50 curators across the state. The series features an intergenerational roster of artists working across a variety of mediums. Texas Talks Art presents a conversation with San Antonio-based artist Jenelle Esparza and Assistant Curator Lauren Thompson, McNay Art Museum, San Antonio—both on … Continued