10 Reasons To Love the McNay

  1. Stephen Westfall mural “The Holy Forest” in the AT&T Lobby

    Perfect spot for that chill selfie.

  2. The Mosaic Staircase

    The details in each step are amazing!

  3. Koi Pond in our Courtyard

    We love to relax and watch the swimming fish .

  4. The sculptures on our grounds

    Don’t miss our amazing sculpture garden!

  5. Tom Burckhardt’s Cardboard Installation

    The art references in this piece are insane.

  6. Our brand spankin’ new food cart


  7. The Gift Shop Goods

    We heart this so much!

  8. Auguste Rodin Sculpture

    The intensity is on point.

  9. Marion Koogler Mcnay

    Our founder was a strong woman who believed in engaging the community with the discovery and enjoyment of visual arts.

  10. Robert Indiana’s Love Sculpture

    What do you love about the McNay?