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Photography Guidelines at the McNay

  • Souvenir Photography and Video

    Visitors to the McNay Art Museum are welcome to take souvenir photos and video of the exterior and interior of the museum for their personal use. Flash photography and tripods are not permitted inside the galleries. Photography is not permitted in galleries containing special exhibitions. Please ask a security officer if you have any questions concerning these rules. Every visitor who visits the museum accepts this limitation implicitly. Members, guests of members, or escorted members of tour groups and FAM tours agree to the same limitations. Under no circumstance may photos taken under these licenses be used for commercial purposes or distributed to stock photography houses without prior consent.

    General Photography Rules

    Photography subjects may not wear swimwear, revealing attire, or pose nude. Photographers and their clients are requested to respect the beauty and integrity of the grounds and museum by using litter containers. Do not block walkways, doorways, or entrances. Decorative objects, sculptures, and furniture may not be moved or rearranged. Please do not climb on any sculptures or trees. The McNay reserves the right to restrict access to photographers during museum special events and activities. Photographers are encouraged to check with the museum when scheduling a sitting for a large group to avoid conflicts. If you have any general questions or require additional information about the McNay's Regulations for Photography, contact the Security and Visitor Services Manager at 210.805.1725.

  • Under no circumstance may commercial photos be taken or distributed to stock photography houses without prior consent. Commercial photography and filmmaking at the McNay Art Museum can be arranged. However, sufficient advance notice and written permission is required for all photography or videography, and strict guidelines must be followed for the protection of the museum property. At all times, the preservation of the museum and its collections is the primary consideration. No activity will be allowed which could damage the museum or the collection. It is therefore essential that photographers and crew members comply with the following rules while utilizing our buildings and grounds.

    Fees for Commercial Photography:
    Non-member San Antonio businesses $500.00
    Out-of-town businesses $1,000.00

    Additional fees could include:
    Police/Security (mandatory for large sessions) $150.00
    (minimum of 4 hours/$30 each additional hour)
    After museums hours interior photography per hour $500.00

    If closure of a property is required due to a film or photo shoot, an additional cost, based on the loss of attendance and store revenue will be incurred. This cost will be calculated from the previous year's figures.

    San Antonio businesses who are museum members at the Patron Level ($750.00) or above may schedule one free commercial shoot per year.

    Interior photo shoots/video and film productions are expressly forbidden without permission of the McNay. A museum staff must be present at all interior photo shoots/video and film productions. Additional fees may be applied.

    All photographers using the McNay Art Museum grounds and/or buildings exteriors and interiors must acknowledge the Museum in any printed or audio-visual materials. The credit line should read: "Photographed on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas."

    What We Need

    Ample notice of scouting and shoot dates, a certificate of insurance, a letter of intent, information about the product. Full payment of the location fee must be received prior to the start of the shoot.

    Photography Guidelines (These are general guidelines. Additional more specific rules are delineated in the required Photography Agreement. Contact the Public & Media Relations Department at 210.805.1754 for more details)

    · No furniture or furnishings will be moved without prior approval.

    · No eating or drinking, except in assigned areas.

    · No smoking.

    · Photographers are required to assume full responsibility for their photographic equipment. The McNay Art Museum will not be responsible for loss of equipment or props.

    · Placement of props must be supervised by museum staff.

    · Photographic lights may not be left on for extended periods.

    · Tripods and light stands must be fitted with rubber feet and may not be placed on antique floor coverings.

    · Photo lighting requiring more than 10 amps must supply its own power pack.

  • Portrait Photography on the Grounds

    The McNay Art Museum requires a $20.00 fee from photographers, both professional and amateur, taking formally posed, portrait-type photographs on the museum grounds. For groups of 10 or more people, the fee is $50.00. This fee, either in cash or check, is required for each separate photo session and will be collected by a security officer moving about the grounds. The McNay does not provide changing rooms, and restrooms may not be used as dressing facilities. Changing on the grounds is strictly prohibited. The grounds are open for photography 365 days a year from 7AM to 6PM during Standard Time and 7AM to 7PM during Daylight Saving Time

    Portrait Photography inside the Museum

    The McNay Art Museum is pleased to make available limited opportunities for professional and amateur photographers to take formal photographs in the most beautiful and prestigious locations in the museum. Photographers can reserve appointments to use the Main Lobby and Grand Staircase, and the Courtyard as shooting locations. These interior locations are only available on Mondays from 9AM to 4PM, and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 4PM to 5PM. Photographers may reserve a one-hour time slot in return for a set fee of $100, payable by cash or check. On Mondays, two or more successive slots may be reserved if required. Photographers pay upon arrival for the photo session. Fee includes photography on the grounds at no additional charge. Lobby restrooms are available for changing. Photographers must make appointments at least 24 hours in advance by calling 210.805.1725 on Mon-Fri 9AM to 4PM.




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