Exciting Changes in the McNay Galleries

The McNay Reimagined

The McNay Reimagined is a new way of thinking about the beloved works of art in the McNay collection. The curatorial staff has worked together to approach the Museum’s collection in an entirely different and nontraditional way, looking for timeless themes to create the gallery installations. This new approach brings together works of art from across disciplines, movements, and eras to create exciting and provocative juxtapositions. Consider the portrait. Artists have studied the human face for centuries, depicting models, clients, family members, and even themselves. The McNay’s new installation brings together a range of portraits, from Pablo Picasso’s Portrait of Sylvette to Heidi McFall’s contemporary monochromatic pastel of Gabby—even a 16th-century portrait of Anna de Bergh by the Flemish painter called Mabuse. Images of men by Americans John Sloan and Norman Lewis are installed adjacent to late 19th-century works by Europeans Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Paul Cézanne. This installation invites viewers to explore the commonalities as well as the differences in these diverse objects.